21-Day Yoga Challenge

Join me in this 21-day challenge to #moveeveryday21

Thanks for joining me on this 21-Day Yoga Challenge!

Why 21 days? It’s estimated that it takes between 21-30 days to establish a habit. I’ve done several of these 21-30 day challenges and each time I’ve come through it feeling more grounded, connected, and damn proud of myself! 

This challenge is about reconnecting and deepening your practice. It’s about growing YOU and each other by connecting, sharing, encouraging, and being inspired and supported by our beautiful online community. 

I will provide an example of a 21-day free practice plan that you can follow, OR you can do any class with any teacher who inspires you! The most important thing is your commitment to move, breathe and connect, every day.  I will also be sharing some suggestions and will have some sweet surprises during the 21 days. 

Invite your friends and fav humans to join! It’s awesome to have accountability buddies to share your journey with AND to help motivate you! and your surroundings and create collective accountability.

Enter this challenge with an intention and mindset of curious exploration.  Let’s use this opportunity to create a regular routine of moving and breathing every day!

To join and participate:


  1. Set your intention for your challenge. What would you like to grow/cultivate/let go of etc during these 21 days?  Put it in writing/visual, and pin it on your mirror or wall; somewhere you would see it every day.
  2. Share your intentions and goals in a post or story. Tag @meghancurrieyoga and #moveeveryday21: “what would you like to grow/cultivate etc in this 21-day yoga challenge?”
  3. Tag 3 humans you love who you’d like to see participate in this challenge with you.

During the 21 Days:

  1. Share a little bit about your practice and connect with the community every day, any way you desire, ie:
    • Posting a practice video on social media can also serve as an effective way to hold ourselves accountable and later on reflect on how we’ve grown every day.
    • Sharing a little bit written or verbally about whatever came through that day.
    • Share challenges and triumphs.
    • If someone else inspires you, share about them too!
  2. Write about each day’s practice in your journal or how you feel afterward!

*Note: make sure to tag @meghancurrieyoga and #moveeveryday21 so we can see, admire, and reshare 🙂

Options for planning your challenge:

You can set up your own plan or let it flow according to your mood that day. The important thing is that you do yoga every day for 21 days!

Option 1: Follow along my Move Every Day-21 practice playlist on Youtube. You can customize the order by clicking on specific videos in the plan provided here:

Option 2:
Create your own specific plan! Either by taking a public or online class with a teacher, or doing your own practice at home.  Use the Love Habits Workbook & Love Habits Map to help guide your personal planning, or simply use it as a checklist to make sure you are on the mat every single day (even if it’s only for a few minutes of stretching)!

For the members of my Online Studio, I’ve created a unique, curated playlist of different practices specifically for this 21-Day Yoga Challenge, which I’ll share on August 1st. Check it out in the Online Studio!